IWFM welcomes new Living Wage rates


  • Policy

15 November 2018


IWFM is proud to be one of more than 4,700 UK employers who have signed up to pay their staff a ‘real’ Living Wage.

We therefore warmly welcomed the recent announcements by the independent campaign, the Living Wage Foundation, which calls for ‘minimum pay rates to cover workers' basic needs’ and the Mayor of London of increased hourly Living Wage rates (£9.00 for the UK and £10.55 in the capital). This follows a recent announcement of the National Living Wage rates, in the Budget and applicable from next April, based on recommendations from the Low Pay Commission.  

As well as being a Living Wage employer, we are an active participant in the Recognised Service Providers Leadership Group. The group, alongside over 100 FM Recognised Service Providers on the Living Wage scheme, spreads the word about the benefits of paying a good wage. The Recognised Service Providers have each pledged to pay their head office staff the Living Wage as per the Living Wage Employer agreement and to offer a Living Wage bid alongside every market rate submission to prospective and existing clients. In this way the client always has the option to implement the Living Wage at the point of tender and there is a pathway towards it in place for the provider.  

There is a powerful argument that adoption of the Living Wage benefits business, including in FM. Early adopters have reported better staff retention and engagement, improved morale and wellbeing, and greater creativity and cohesiveness; all of which help to improve productivity and support other agendas such as social mobility and Good Work as defined in the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices.

IWFM has a clear interest in low pay and related employment issues given the number of typically low paid roles integral to the FM environment. We engage with our members to help shape our own strategy and policy in this area, providing evidence and insight to stakeholders, including the Low Pay Commission, to generate a good understanding of the profession and sector. 

With more than six million UK workers still paid less than the ‘real’ Living Wage and average wages not expected to return to their pre-financial crisis peak until at least 2024, there is still a need for further positive changes in the world of work.

As the professional body for the workplace and FM sector we will continue to push for higher standards in the areas of pay and labour conditions, supporting our members with guidance to achieve best practice.  We are also expanding the conversation into other areas of work life that matter - flexibility of hours, training, development - which do not just raise the quality of life, but also have an impact on productivity. Given the number of people our sector needs to keep UK plc, its workplaces and its facilities going, we have enormous potential to make a significant positive impact on many people’s lives.